Rabies Caste

Rabies Caste

Let the Soul Out and Cut the Vein


This rocks, let’s make that clear. Imagine Godflesh crossed with early, pre-keyboard Rush, and you have Rabies Caste. Hooo weee! “Hand Abortion,” Let the Soul‘s fifth track, is simply incredible! There are so many time changes and looping basslines in this song that I felt as if I was having my eardrums used as a set of punching bags. Yikes!

With the exception of “Hand Abortion,” the rest of the record is slow and plodding in an extremely pre-Us & Them Godflesh way. The only band thing about Rabies Caste is the distorted, distant, atonal vocal style they use. It’s very generic, yet it works here. The guitars are rocking, the bass is overdriven and chunky (a la Pure-era Godflesh), and the drums attack with unbridled ferocity.

Make no mistake, fans of metal in general should go ahead and pick this one up. Godflesh fans, if you have some extra change, try this one out.

Earache, PO Box 144, Nottingham NG3 4GE, U.K.

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