Saves The Day

Saves The Day

Stay What You Are


Saves The Day is a breath of fresh air to my pop music senses. This new album, their third, is one of the best composed discs I’ve heard all year. Let Sum 41 title their album All Killer No Filler; this band means it.

The first song, “At Your Funeral,” is written to a friend who does drugs and lets you know right off the bat that you’re entering some uncharted pop-rock territory. “Certain Tragedy” is one of the best written breakup songs I’ve heard lately, while “Nightingale” goes the other direction and is a very original love song, a track that is just as suited for a party as it is for a wedding.

Saves The Day just does it all first rate on this disc. The instrument work is quality, but the strength is in the vocals and melodies. I love listening to a record and being surprised by changes in melody, and I was constantly surprised while listening to this album. Add to that some excellent production and the lack of any bad, useless songs, and Stay What You Are can, could and should rival anything on the charts right now.,,

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