The Egg


Shiner is the type of band that you have to see live to fully appreciate them; they turn the bass up on all of their amplifiers and the sheer power of their music pounds mercilessly into your chest. A Shiner show is very much worth seeing, simply for the physical aspects of their live show!

The Egg, released on Jawbox’s Desoto label, is a much darker and more mature record than anything shiner has ever done before. In the late 1990s, Shiner could have easily been likened to Smashing Pumpkins, their songs being fairly melodic with incredibly huge sounding, low end guitars. On The Egg, Shiner play around with twinkly guitar parts, minor chords, and evil sounding guitar lines…and it works very well! Shiner sound more like Jawbox on this record than they ever have (J. Robbins plays a bit on this record, as well!).

The best thing about The Egg would have to be the drums. It must be the way the J. Robbins records bands, but every time he does a record, the drums come out crisp and loud… they sound simply amazing!

Some people may feel that Shiner are past their prime, but they are still quite good and they seem to be wandering through their more dark and emotional chambers on The Egg. If you’ve got a few extra dollars, try The Egg.

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