Soil is yet another of a brash onslaught of hard-hitting metal acts to emerge from the Chicago scene. Following suit of its predecessors (Disturbed’s 2000 release The Sickness and From Zero’s 2001 release One Nation Under), Soil’s 2001 J Records debut Scars is a raw, aggressive, and unique approach to the changing face of metal.

Scars ignites from track one, with what is probably the most “kick someone’s ass in the moshpit song” on the entire album, “Breaking Me Down.” The track features thrashy guitars and a vicious drumbeat that makes you want to crush the person next to you! My mom should be coming out of her body cast in a few days.

The gem of Scars, though, is definitely the second song of the album, “Halo.” It’s an amazing metal track that is sure to grab any listener’s attention with its gritty yet catchy vocals. The vocals on “Halo” and throughout the album are as psycho-killer sounding as any good metal vocals should be.

Do not be misguided, though: the album has a very transcendental, sexy vibe to it. For all of you headbangers that enjoy another type of banging, light a few candles in your bedroom and appreciate this album with your special someone.

Other standout tracks on Scars include “Wide Open” and “Unreal.”

J Records, LLC, 745 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10151;,

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