Speed Limit 140 BPM

Speed Limit 140 BPM

The New Era (Mixed by DJ Slipmatt)


140 MPH might be a more appropriate title, because the first track, recorded by Slipmatt himself, was done at about that speed. One would seriously have to have twenty feet to be able to move as fast as this music asks. Racing off from the first track, it doesn’t slow down at all, and after a while, it all blends together and the speed loses its weight (or your mind starts to catch up). Some notable tracks, while still very speedy, are “Can You Dig It?” (Journey Man DJ), “Crank This Motherfucker Up” (Digital Science), “Do It Like That” (Tet-Lee), and “Crazy” (Steve Johnson). No matter, this record definitely deserves a speeding violation, because it well exceeds 140 anything.

Moonshine Music, 8525 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90096; http://www.moonshine.com

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