Summer Catch

Summer Catch

Music From the Motion Picture


Summer Catch was a light-hearted fluff of a summer movie starring Freddie Prinze Jr. as a baseball player who meets a girl. I saw it, but have already pretty much forgotten it. I’d have to say the soundtrack is a lot like the movie in that way.

The first (and I think, only) single released from this CD was “Over My Head” by Semisonic. It’s kind of pretty, and if you love Dan Wilson like I do, it’s a good song to hear. Nobody does wimpy as well as ole Dan! Next comes Collective Soul’s “Skin,” a single already released a while back from their latest CD — you remember the one where he keeps talking about tasting someone’s skin and spends half the song going, “Bada bada bada bada dah.” The next song is by Nine Days, the guys who owe us for listening to that horrendously overplayed song about “This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world.” It’s real pretty and called “Another Day.” “I wish for rain to fall and wash away everything I’ve done wrong.” (like writing that song?) The next one is even prettier, by Harmon, O’Brian, and Gerrard (who?). “Hold on to me, we’ll dive into the dark to find the light — We’re free and we’re flying high into the wild blue night!” Is anyone still awake here?

Next song’s by The Dandy Warhols — its got to be a bit more interesting! Nope — “I like you ,yeah, I like you, Whoooh–ooh ooh ooh!” A pretty good song by Diffuser called “Tell Her This” is next. It’s a cool tune where he says “I’m sitting in my underwear watching reruns of anything” and “Tell her this — I don’t like to kiss!” Next up, a country ditty by Uncle Kracker about Thunderhead Hawkins, who says “You can smell the pigs cause they’ve been cooking all day.” Yee haw! Sum 41 kicks in with what’s definitely the fastest song on here, “Makes No Difference” which sounds exactly like all other Sum 41 songs I’ve ever heard!

Fastball’s contribution is a soft , sweet love song called “Every Time She Walks,” that is absolutely Beatlesque. If all this sweetness hasn’t given you diabetes yet, this next group, The Sugarbabes, will surely do it with their syrupy “Soul Sound.” Youngstown, the next group sounds like BoyzIIMen are back, promising, “I’ll give you anything and everything, the sky’s the limit.” Touch And Go, a male and female group with a jazzy number called “Straight to Number One,” sound pretty lively in the midst of all this wimpy love stuff — they’ve got lots of horns! A female rapper named Tarsha Vega ‘s “What it Beez Like” is the gentlest rap song ever, with a large portion of “Na na na na nas,” The last number is a song written by Alex and Aaron of The Calling but sung by Radford. Their record label wouldn’t let them sing it because their album was about to come out. It is, like most of this other stuff, as forgettable as the movie itself!

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