The Bronx Casket Company

The Bronx Casket Company

Sweet Home Transylvania

The Music Cartel

The best description of the Bronx Casket Company would be that they’re the Bronx’s answer to Brooklyn’s Type O Negative. Though the BCC focuses on what may as well be called “blue collar goth.” I dug their first release (get it…) and this one I dig even more. I’ll admit it, I like goth music, and since D.D. Verni (Overkill) is listed as the BCC’s President, there’s plenty of metal to be found in amongst the offerings on the album. The band’s sense of humor should be appreciated by fans of Charles Addams; nothing is spared in their “parlour” motif… They’ll “leave the lid up for you” and they “love to be buried in their work.” Their actual songs are pretty darn evil, lyrically, which I leave to the reader to explore…,

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