The Plus Ones / The Travoltas

The Plus Ones / The Travoltas

Going Dutch

Asian Man/Coldfront

This six-song split has some great pop-punk from two bands from opposite sides of the Atlantic. In fact, just about opposite sides of the world. Cali’s The Plus Ones feature Joel Reader from Mr. T Experience, and not surprisingly, they sound a lot like mid-late MTX (circa Revenge is Sweet, and So Are You), here including a fairly faithful cover of Badfinger’s “No Matter What.”

From Holland, a.k.a The Netherlands, come The Travoltas. Yes, they sing in English. Their sound is pretty much the “Ramones cover The Beach Boys” sound that bands like The Riverdales and late-period Queers have done.

None of this is going to change the world or anything, but it’s good solid power pop/punk. Me like.,

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