Wall of Sound Presents Telle

Wall of Sound Presents Telle

Various Artists

Wall Of Sound

Thanks to Wall Of Sound, Telle Records’ latest compilation has been brought to the US, sporting only the best Norwegian musical exports. To be a truly educated music listener, one must ignore race, creed, nationality, and place of origin. It’s not that the great artists on Telle are from Norway (only that just makes them a little more chill), it’s that they’re great artists! A surprising collection of expertly delivered tracks including Royksopp’s sweetly creepy “So Easy,” the total disco revival on “InDisco” by The Torske/Mundial Explosion, Annie’s “Greatest Hit” (the coolest track on the whole disc, contains Madonna samples) and “Gold(For the Price of Silver)” by Erot vs. Kings of Convenience which takes you back to a time when the carpets were shag and polyester was even cooler than it is now. Pimp on, oh Norwegian one. Disco, ’70s soul, frat rock, hip-hop, and cutesy house tunes. Telle is such a breath of fresh air, and now we’ve learned that not only can Norwegians make yummy sweets and ski nicely, but they’re also damn good musicians. Support our cold, talented neighbors, and make today a Telle day.

Wall Of Sound, Office 2, 9 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL; http://www.wallofsound.net

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