Death Alley

Aces & Eights

It is a feat unto itself that Zeke can even make time between their raucous touring to have banged out a fifth album. Yet Death Alley lies before you ready to strike like a rattlesnake full of Jack Daniels. Not since The Ramones could you get sixteen (good) songs in under thirty minutes, but, by God, Zeke cranks it out with a fury. Death Alley carries on the Zeke trademark themes of motorcycles (“Night Rider”), rednecks (“Arkansas Man” and “Mountain Man”), and all things evil (“Eyes Of Satan”) • most in less than two minutes. There are a few tunes that don’t move at the speed of a funny car•”Evil Woman” and “Road Ahead” bring the noise reminiscent of Motorhead. The change in tempo really rounds out the album’s sound for the better. And speaking of sound, if you want to get the full appreciation of Zeke aside from their studio work, haul yourself to a venue daring enough to bring them in for a gig. Then you will feel the wrath of Zeke’s venomous rock.

Oh yeah, the CD has some groovy video enhancements, including footage of “Mountain Man” and Zeke’s Web site. So strap your ass in, because Death Alley will give you a twenty-eight minute ride you won’t soon forget! Zeke is the best thing to come out of Seattle since…


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