Illegal Drukqs

Illegal Drukqs


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NEWS *********************************


Kill Rock Stars (
and 5 Rue Christine change distributors effective January 1 2002 to Chicago’s
Touch and Go Records.  Touch and Go is based in Chicago.  Along with sister
label Quarterstick, Touch and Go also distributes Merge, Thrill Jockey, Drag
City, Estrus, Emperor Jones, Warm Electronic Recordings, Overcoat Recordings
and more. The first record to be part of this new arrangement is Xiu Xiu’s
Knife Play (5RC) in February.  The KRS records to go through the
new system will be Comet Gain and Quix*o*tic’s newest in March 2002. Previously,
Mordam Records had distributed Kill Rock Stars for about 8 years and before
that K records from 1991 to 1993.


The TV spot for Aphex Twin’s new
album Drukqs was banned in the United Kingdom. However, you can still
share in its creepy half-minute over the Web via Real Player by surfing to
For Windows Media, go to

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SBS Records, the indie label founded
and run by musician Michelle Malone, accepts submissions for consideration for
the label’s Indie Music sampler. For accepted entries, as well as appearing on the
sampler CD, they will be tied to Web entries for each artist or band. The CD will
be given away to the SBS Records fan base of more than 15,000. Artists receive
50 free samplers. "We have received incredible response about the samplers
from the musicians involved and their fans, and we will continue to offer the
sampler as long as the demand is there," says Malone. Submissions must
be made on CD of songs less than 4:20 in length with the song or songs (no more
than two) for consideration clearly marked on the disc. Submissions go to: SBS
Records, P.O. Box 3092, Decatur, GA 30031, ATTN: SAMPLER. There is no application
fee, but a $275 fee will apply for accepted material to be used. Artists retain
all publishing rights and ownership.


Pigface, the post-Ministry industrial
super group that features Meg Lee Chin and Chris Connelly took to the road mid-November
with Gravity Kills and gODHEAD. The tour continues through to December 22 for
a final show at The Vic in Chicago.

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Valley Entertainment, a distributor
of in-print CDs, has raised the visibility of the after-hours electronic New
Age of Hearts of Space. Valley Entertainment actually acquired Hearts of Space
in a deal that covers back catalog and future releases. Part of that resurrection
is the recently released David Darling’s Cello Blue. The album debuted
at #4 on the New Age Voice Chart from this arranger for multiple cellos with
piano, formerly of the Paul Winter Consort. From another hemisphere comes Rasa.
Union is the uniting of traditional Sanskrit and Bengali songs with atmospheric
Western approaches. The duo that is Rasa offers the ethereal vocals of Kim Waters
and the varied instruments of Hans Christian: on this album from cello to nykelharpa
and keyboards to tambura.

Listen to or Buy David Darling at CDNow
Listen to or Buy Rasa at CDNow

DVD REVIEWS *************************

Sidney J. Furie, Director
The Leather Boys
Kino on Video

Unruly 1960’s English motorcycle
rebels populate this story and the paths taken into adulthood
by three wayward youths. Dot (Rita Tushingham, A Taste of Honey) and
Reg (Colin Campbell) rush into a marriage that swiftly disintegrates as Reg
dwells on sex and his motorcycle friends. One of these friends, the shortsighted
Pete (Dudley Sutton) offers Reg much needed camaraderie. However, Pete clings
too tightly, making the eventual reunion of Dot and Reg that much more difficult
for all involved, including the possible sexually undirected Pete. (3)

More on this video title from CDNow

Society of Genitorture
Retribution Music/G-Spot Films/Music Video Distributors

Gen of Genitortures has made a name
for her body, showing off its liberal Nordic beauty as a tall Teutonic Mistress
of Discipline. The hard rock-heavy metal-industrial music fairly blends from
one song to another, but the “psychosexual” theatrical antics keep the loyal
fans coming back. In three “acts,” this seven-song S&M show is everything
you’d expect from gorgeous Gen and her B&D helpers. (3)

More on this video title from CDNow

Michael Bishop and Scott Jacoby,
Rage – 20 Years of Punk Rock: West Coast Style
Seventh Art Releasing

Rage is a fascinating documentary
covering the genesis of West Coast American punk rock two decades earlier. What
makes the story so interesting is the core of the telling, which is the interviews
with punk luminaries. Delineating the beginnings of the genre in California
is a most candid Jack Grisham of TSOL (he stole his instruments), a self-deprecating
Jello Biafra (he knew nothing of music) and a disguised Keith Morris of the
Circle Jerks (great glasses!). Also interviewed is former Christian Death goddess
and current mother, Gitane Demone, pro-skater Duane Peters of U.S. Bombs and
seminal punk drummer Don Bolles and more. Interspersed among the interviews
is vintage footage of the Dead Kennedys, The Screamers, Christian Death and
more. (3.5)

More on this video title from CDNow

Emerson Lake & Palmer
Pictures at an Exhibition — Collectors Edition
D2 Division Ltd/Favourite TV Inc./ Music Video Distributors

This is a DVD release of the 1970
film made of the classic art-trio performing their opus with skill and the evidence
of some serious rehearsing. The digitally remastered recording sounds a bit
muddy at the beginning but is in every way superior to contemporary editions.
You do not need your DVD to enjoy this fact, because one side of the disc is
CD audio. Few prog-rock concept albums can hold a candle to this exquisite collection
of impressionistic songs, mostly the original music of composer Mussorgsky.

More on this video title from CDNow

Toots & The Maytals
Live at Santa Monica Pier
Allah Son/Music Video Distributors

Toots & The Maytals is a foundation for the ska sound, as we are often reminded enthusiastically on this concert
DVD. This 1997 recording at a California beach soiree is pretty far from the
early, groundbreaking Toots, but a good proto-reggae vibe still comes across.

More on this video title from CDNow

Justin Mitchell
Songs For Cassavetes
The Breadcrumb Trail/Music Video Distributors

Filmmaker John Cassavetes characterized
his work with the quote, "In this country, people die at the age of 21.
They die emotionally at 21, maybe younger. My responsibility as an artist is
to help them past 21." It is this quote that gives the film its title,
a film about musicians surviving and helping others survive post-teen angst.
Also, while the film features several bands and band members it is produced not as a music buffet but an exploring documentary. Mostly the West cost neo-punk
and Olympia, WA, K Records indie rock sound is the focus of this film. Studio
music selections trickle in but the rest of the music selections are short,
live excerpts that are uniformly muddy in sound. What this film has to offer
is honest, natural interviews with the artists on the DIY ethic and what they
get out of a hard job that is not financially rewarding. The 6mm black and white
production independently produced over four years features Sleater-Kinney, Some
Velvet Sidewalk, The Hi-Fives, Unwound and more. In addition to the film, the
DVD includes a 26-minute radio interview/video montage section featuring the
personalities of the film and beyond into the national underground music community.

More on this video title from CDNow

Joe Cocker
Joe Cocker in Concert
inakustik/ Music Video Distributors
Anyone that has seen the Woodstock
film will vividly recall the compelling, spasmodic, transcendental performance
by Cocker of <!span> "A Little Help From My Friends." Nearly three
decades later, this DVD captures an episode of the Organic Tour recorded October
15, 1996 at the Ohne Filter TV studio. At this point, Cocker has long since
distilled and refined the Dionysian energy into exquisite Apollonian soul. His
masterful, soul renditions of “Don’t Let me be Misunderstood,” “Delta Lady,”
High Lonesome Blue” and other Cocker classics require no flailing arms any more
it make an indelible impression. (3.5)

More on this video title from CDNow

ALBUM REVIEWS *************************

Monique Berry
Waking Up
Cantata Entertainment Group

Monique Berry, a promising piano
song artist, emerges fully formed as a stunning pop-soul artist
on her sophomore release Waking Up. Emotionally bare, these songs are
authentic and intimate portraits of a revealing lyricist showing advanced sophistication
in her arrangements. Monique’s songs are beautifully understated pieces that
use jazz expression, touches of percolating ethnic percussion and smart, R&B
phrasing. The Asian edition includes an excellent rendition of Paul Simon’s
“Bridge over Troubled Water.” (4)

Listen to or Buy at

Various Artists
The Hot Girls Invite You to Their Chartbustin’ 70’s Party

Hot Hits was a 20-volume series
that flew off the shelves into the hands of eager Top 40 fans in the ’70’s.
This 2-CD set collects RPM’s choice of 45 “top” 45-sides from this compilation
series. These are well knows songs, like “Lola,” “Penny Lane” and “You’re so
Vain” recorded by session musicians. Production was top-notch, often occurring
at such prestigious locations as EMI’s Abbey Road studios. This is the first
time any part of this slice of ’70’s music interpreted during the ’70’s has
made it to CD. (3)

Claire Ritter
Castles in the Air
Zoning Records

Claire Ritter is an innovative pianist
uniting kinetic neo-classical themes with hip, jazz grooves in original compositions
performed largely acoustically excepting the added substance of electric bass.
There is something Brazilian in the tropical hedonism suggested by his freeing,
loose-limbed pieces. This example of Ritter’s far-seeing, cross-genre vision
is a discovery of magic, sophistication and fun. (4.5)

The Sound of the Colour of the Sun
Sonic Unyon

Sianspheric offers the dense, swirling
space rock of such acts as Galaxie 500, Spacemen 3 and others. As such, this
music is a scintillating, enveloping sadness of variegated beauty. Their voice
is the modern corollary of that classic blues line, “I hate to see the evening
sun go down.” This is the feeling of the blues in a post-rock palette using
the verse-chorus-verse brushes for broad-stoked, wall-of-sound impressionism.

Listen to or Buy at CDNow

Cuneiform Records, POB 8427, Silver Spring, MD 20907-8427

Miriodor creates hyper-sophisticated,
post-jazz, post-classical music that requires multi-genre skill on its players.
This is on the level of Zappa/Mothers of Invention for Dadaist art-rock with
humor and innovation. This Canadian Rock in Opposition act offers a subtle French
flavor to their creative romps through prog rock and the Third Stream. Fans
of Henry Cow, The Residents and the “chamber rock” movement will appreciate
their zany genius. (4.5)

Listen to or Buy at CDNow

Einstürzende Neubauten
Strategies Against Architecture III: 1991-2001

This 2-CD set collects previously
unreleased, obscure and alternate versions of Einstürzende Neubauten material
from the decade 1991-2001. Because this retrospective does not merely cull from
released albums it is an excellent compendium for hardcore fans of the rhythm
and noise artists. Also, because this is the decade of the group’s most accessible
work yet, this is an ideal entry point for the curious. “The Garden” could have
come off Peter Gabriel’s Ein Deutsches Album and some other tracks could
have been on the same album, had Trent Reznor produced it. Strategies Against
Architecture III
is an important overview of the work from these artists
that helped spawn industrial music without enjoining any of its ostentatiousness.

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Pierre Bensusan
Favored Nations

Bensusan gives us a level of amazing
solo acoustic guitar performance that has only been achieved by such artists
as John Fahey, Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges. The delicate, shimmering beauty
of this performance arising from a sole performer is always captivating. This
contemporary acoustic guitar virtuoso voices jazz, pop and world sounds in this
boundary-crossing vocabulary of his expansive yet cohesive pieces. The six-string
sorcery of this French-Algerian master suggests mystical desert oases and active
Parisian café scenes. (5)

Listen to or Buy at CDNow

Sacred Music of Robert Evett

Evett was a 20th Century American
Composer who produced an impressive body of sacred choral music. While he was
productive in many differing genres, this excellent recording from the 19 Voices
of Musikanten celebrates his lesser-known contributions to the Catholic liturgy.
Some pieces are a cappella, while the others have organ accompaniment.

Suzanne Vega
Songs in Red and Gray
A&M Records

On Songs in Red and Gray
personally revisits her acoustic origins with a backdrop of electronic slow-throb
beats. The result is an album as warm and personal as it is mechanical and electronic.
While the juxtaposition may threaten instability, the effect is largely one
of balance and effective contrast. Vega’s personal, poetic lyrics and arrangements
of unplugged melodies over mellow beat music make Songs in Red and Gray a memorable
and successful fusion of styles. (4)

Listen to or Buy at CDNow

Satoko Fujii Trio
Ewe Records

The complex, protean nature of Fujii’s
talent means one does not know what to expect from her recording. Her sophisticated
arrangements can take her piano playing into the realm of Twentieth Century
Music on one disc and adventurous free jazz on another. Here, in trio setting
with bassist Mark Dresser and drummer Jim Black, she once again surprises with
tight, hard bop instrumental jazz. (4.5)

Various Artists
Sulfur/Beggars Group

Robin Rimbaud, a.k.a Scanner, continues
to advance the cause of sophisticated chill-out electronica with another compilation
of various artists from his Sulfur label. Some of the usual suspects appear:
SFT, Future Pilot AKA and Scanner’s appropriately subdued alter ego Scannerfunk.
All in all this is a perfect technophile’s post-psychedelic headspace excepting
the incongruous appearance of brash hip-hop from DJ Spooky and MC Stainless
Steele. (3.5)

Listen to or Buy at CDNow

New Wet Kojak
No. 4 EP
Beggars Banquet

NWK vocalist Scott McCloud, also
guitarist-vocalist for Girls Against Boys, recalls the singing style of The
Fall’s Mark E. Smith. This is an approach stylized by dry authenticity rather
than contrived hummability. In the mix are the ghosts of rock-n-roll remembered
inside electronica triumphant. New Wet Kojak absorbs and reshapes underground
rock from the post-punk ethos to the after-hours club scene. They artfully perform
this alchemy sewing in a soulful vein of saxophone. (4)

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Demolition String Band
Pulling Up Atlantis
Okra-Tone Records

Demolition String Band can go from
a classic achey-breaky country sound the sad duet “A Career of Loving You” to
a twanging, barnburner version of “Like a Prayer.” Their infectious country-folk,
typified by the bouncy, metaphoric “Give it to the Needy” is a wholly unpretentious,
witty incursion into no-depression alt-country. Among the guest musicians on
the group’s third release are Robert Randolph (Sacred Steel, John Medeski’s
The Word), John Ginty (Sheryl Crow), Sim Cain (Henry Rollins Band) and Robert
Burke Warren (The Fleshtones). (3.5)

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Raoul Björkenheim
Cuneiform Rune

Raoul formed Krakatau in the late
80’s after graduating from Berklee School of Music. Since, he has been an experimental
rock mover and shaker, engaging in many projects. Raoul Björkenheim is an innovative
sound sculptor creating instrumental masterpieces with foundations in rock and
jazz. Over the years, Raoul has played with like-minded talents such as Henry
Kaiser, Nicky Skopelitis and Mike Keneally. These artists are also excellent
reference points for appreciating the sophisticated and oblique approach taken
to guitar performance here. This piece was realized 1994-5 as a commission for
the Helsinki Juhlaviikot Festival and originally intended for 100 guitarists.
Björkenheim’s final piece is for 42 musicians: 30 guitarists, 8 bassists and
4 percussionists. This 2000 recording includes parts added since and features
Raoul performing all parts in the studio as a virtual ensemble. (5)

Listen to or Buy at CDNow

Bill Frisell
Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones

Chameleon guitarist Bill Frisell
announces on the title of this worthy instrumental release his one-time collaboration
with legendary jazz stalwarts Dave Holland, the British bassist of Miles Davis’
Bitches Brew period, and Detroit drummer Elvin Jones, who reconfigured
jazz from his seat at the back of the John Coltrane Quartet. The content of
this album is Frisell numbers hand-picked by co-producer Lee Townsend and himself
for reincarnation by this historic jazz trio. (4.5)

Listen to or Buy at CDNow

The Nectarine No. 9
Received, Transgressed & Transmitted
Creeping Bent/Beggars Banquet

The Nectarine No. 9 waxes and wanes
between whimsical art-pop songs complete with string sections and grainy, over-exposed
avant-garde guitar-and-electronica on this album of varying texture and mood.
Their edgy experimentalism mixed with near-bubblegum dulcet melodies works for
this encompassing, amorphous sound machine. No matter where they veer into arty
angularity, they never stray far from an easy-beat pop hook. (4)

Listen to or Buy at CDNow

Filthy Hands/Eclipse Records

Mushroomhead offers a disc of dark,
black metal ala Static-X and Slipknot. Through it all, it is impossible not
to think that it’s all been done before. But, if you’re after more of the same
post-heavy metal hardcode, Mushroomhead does it like they mean it. A bonus,
‘hidden’ track at the end is a hilarious call by an indignant African-American
when he finds out he’s not the kid of “black” the group expected to answer their
ad for a guitarist. (2)

Listen to or Buy at CDNow

Victim’s Family
Alternative Tentacles, POB 419096, SF, CA 94141-9092

This group has long delved into fringe
areas of punk that border on funk, noise rock and hard rock. This album builds
on past efforts with more breakneck changes, freaky fusions and socially aware
satire. Few other groups, among them Mucky Pup and Mr. Bungle, have so blended
a precise punch with arty noise into a post-metal punk mix. (3.5)

Listen to or Buy at CDNow

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