Abandoned Pools

Abandoned Pools



Genius. Purely immaculate. It’s the absolute most intoxicating rock/industrial/sweet college radio ever. That may be a tough genre to explore, and really not even a genre at all, but with a group like Abandoned Pools, it’s all about new creative avenues. Flutes, great guitars, birds, ocean sounds, Fantastic Plastic Machine-ish electronica, and most of all, superb lyrics that fit the mood and ability of the band. A list of the best songs would be folly because there isn’t a poor one on the whole disc. This CD is one of those that all your friends will have to know who it’s by and then, like heat rash, the Humanistic frenzy will spread throughout your circle. Buy it, love it, wear it out and promote the hell out of it for the sake of great, definitive, much desired professionally executed music by some pretty cool people.

Abandoned Pools: http://www.abandonedpools.com

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