Bronco Busters

Bronco Busters

Fuzz Parade

Clocking in at 29 minutes, this is a 13-song fuzzfest of aggressive backbeats, furious power chords, and call-to-arms vocals. A Ramones for the new generation, Riot Grrls Bronco Busters are an energetic threesome, with freedom and fun as their main motivation and goal.

“Favourite Song” is the angriest, happiest song of the year, “Double Dare” is so good it’s ridiculous. “High Risk Line” seduces you, then rips you to pieces with a biting guitar and the girls’ screaming and shouting in your ear. “Rock Confusion” is the best, punkiest song Kim Deal never wrote, and every song will have you dancing, jumping, and grinning stupidly. Why don’t these girls dominate the world already?

Learning the rules only in order to break them, this effectively deconstructs, ridicules, and destroys the male expression that dominates just about every other record you know. No one I can think of does this better these days. You need this. Everyone needs this. Don’t miss out on the only punk-rock band that matters today.

Bronco Busters:

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