Exios Mex-tremos: Mextremist/Greatest Hits

Kool Arrow

Why the heck isn’t this on Roadrunner? Dunno, maybe they were too brutal for that label… It’s not like I’m going to check. If you didn’t know, since every band of youths hangs around a band (Josie and the Pussycats comes to mind), why not expect the same from a band of Mexican druglords? Why not, indeed? That’s what Brujeria happens to be. I reckon it served two purposes: one, they were able to chant their incantations protecting them from the hands of Señor Vargas through their brand of particularly brutal death metal, and two, everyone needs a hobby. So if you didn’t catch them the first time around, what with the genuine photographs of south-of-the-border drug related assassinations (machetes to the head, blowtorches to the body, etc.) here’s your chance.

Okie-doeky, what’s included on this massive album that sure made me think my stereo was battling demon possession are songs like “Molestando Niños Muertos” – a song I was able to clear a room with simply by reading its name out loud, “Sacrificio,” “Asesino,” “Poseido,” and a very groovy, funky, rap metal version of “Matando Gueros” – the good rap metal, where everything comes together flawlessly – and the “Escobar remix” of “Marijuana” sung to the tune of “Macarena.” There’s a live song, too, complete with an on-stage assassination. Hmmm, I didn’t think they ever toured. There’s also some pretty darn amazing “experimental” metal house tracks that blew me away.

Oh, a warning: unless you knew it already, you will be floored by a) these guys are genuinely talented in the musician department, and b) death metal in Spanish sounds amazing! I mean, it’s like the language was invented for it.

Good lord, there’s video tracks on this CD! Holy cow! They’re a house music metal band, complete with chicks. Yowzaa! A must-have, folks.


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