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Kid Rhino

The latest cartoon/anime/infomercial from Japan to create a splash in America is Cardcaptors. A mix of adventure and trading card promotion, Cardcaptors is actually rather enjoyable. Not nearly as good as, say, Sailor Moon, it still outshines most of the garbage parading as children’s entertainment. Now Kid Rhino has released a CD of songs from the show. These are all songs from the American version, so don’t expect any J-pop, it is strictly US studio acts. The songs, from bands with names like Tempest, Superhum, and Pure West, are super sweet yet inoffensive. There are more references to good friends and starting the adventure than one can count, but a girl aged 8-12 who likes Cardcaptors is sure to want and adore this disc, much to her parent’s chagrin,

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