Derrick L. Carter

Derrick L. Carter

About Now…


Derrick Carter is the master of Chicago’s house scene, using his three-turntable style of mixing to produce the hypnotic throb of his legendary sets. About Now… throws you onto his dance floor, and you are in his hut now.

This third volume of 611’s “DJ Mixseries” shows exactly why Carter’s name’s mentioned in the same breath as Pepe Bradock and Mark Farina’s as the tops in deep house DJing. A seamless mix where it’s hard to tell where songs begin and where they end or how many are going at one time, this disc is, perhaps, one of the best translations of club excitement put on disc. Carter’s skills are matched by his tastes, choosing such serious jams as Somore’s “Refuse,” Ra-Soul’s “Get Down Wid Yo Bad Self,” and De Pompidou’s “Girly Souly.” For fans of his classic The Cosmic Disco and Carter neophytes alike, this disc will definitely house you.

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