Hold Your Breath

Solid State / Tooth & Nail

Very hard rockin’ record here, folks! The guitars are tuned low and the way they distort their guitars is just awesome! Their guitar sound is just great, and quite original! I must say I was surprised at how good this record is!

I usually don’t like it when someone SINGS over music that should be SCREAMED over, but the singer here is good enough that it comes off well. He sounds kind of like Lenny Kravitz crossed with Page Hamilton from Helmet… really! His voice is very warm and full and very in-key throughout the entire record.

This record rocks in a Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness-era Smashing Pumpkins kind of way; thick, layered guitars, brutal drums, and melodic vocals. The good thing is that Embodyment pull off that schtick better than the Pumpkins did; I believe this singer’s integrity much more than I EVER did Billy Corgan’s!

For some reason, I thought these guys were a lot more metal than they are here on Hold Your Breath. “K-9” has plenty of chugga chugga action to please the metal fans, though. “Set the Stage” showcases Embodyment’s artsy side, complete with odd math rock drums, discordant guitars, “jud jud, chugga eeee!” all the way! These guys really pull no punches here…this record is heavy and they don’t really fool around too much with anything but the chunky, menacing music which they create so well.

Solid throughout, this record is a true keeper. Metal fans will like it… arty types will find value in it… pretty much anyone who appreciates hard, driving metal-core stuff will enjoy this. I’m really glad I got to hear this one.

Solid State Records: http://www.solidstaterecords.com

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