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Para Siempre

Small Stone

Wispy, moody chick rock salted with downtempo beats and PMS-like style change is the theme of Para Siempre (meaning roughly, in Spanish, “For Weekends”), the newest album from Ann Arbor, Michigan group Morsel. This is the music that plays in the depressing part of a hip movie. A few of the most distinguishable tracks are “Meadow,” “Again And Again,” the Bjork-like “Pieces,” and “Sines.” It’s refreshingly off the beaten path, but at times, throughout the album, the distance is so great that it’s like trying to obtain a cloud. There’s audible substance, and lead singer Miriam Cabrera has an amazing voice, but the music in general remains a little too far away to reach or relate to. A promising release, but hear it for yourself before you buy it.


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