Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


“Is there a price you have in mind for your soul?” At the expense of your sanity, this soundtrack, featuring many bands signed with Roadrunner Records, brings you to the edge and then makes you jump. Literally jam-packed with metal artists like Fear Factory, Coal Chamber, Cradle Of Filth, Sepultura, and Glassjaw, it’s an all-in-one ticket to the underworld. Celebrating the macabre nature of Faust (both the comic book and the newly-released movie), songs such as “Everyone I Love Is Dead” (Type O Negative), “Take My Scars” (Machine Head), “Bleed” (Soulfly) and “Sex And Violence” (Carnivore) bring the power of metal to a head in a nineteen track trip to the abyss through unforgiving music. Done with as much class as could be expected, this isn’t one of those soundtracks that you buy because you like one song. Instead, you buy it because you like every single song on the whole album and if you like one, you will like them all. A must for metal fans or Faust fans, which I guess sort of go hand in hand. And with that, we return to the original question that the story asks of us: “Is there a price you have in mind for your soul?” Depending on your contingency to good, soulful metal music, some might say that this soundtrack would suffice.

Roadrunner Records: http://www.roadrunner.com

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