Death Is Infinite


Be sure to wear oven mitts when handling this one; it’s one hot slab of metal! This time around, Himsa offer up a short EP of blazing metal nuggets, with buzzsaw riffs, plentiful bass guitar, and double bass drumming in the appropriate places!

The lead singer’s vocals are very similar to those of Slayer’s. He seems to be straining to reach the highest level of screaming humanly possible, and I appreciate his efforts. I can feel his spleen ripping with each scream!

The album opens with the scampering “Born To Conquer” and the vicious “Another Version of Twist.” “Hellbent…” starts off as a N.Y.H.C. stomper, only to stumble into a gallop of metal precision.

What else can be said for Death Is Infinite? It’s much tougher than your friend’s Slipknot records and carries some actual credibility. Rock out to this one and your crew will know you’re a bad mofo.

Revelation Records: http://www.revelationrecords.com

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