Klaus Janek

Klaus Janek



Could this be the next manifestation of Rob Wasserman? The grandson of Mingus? The disciple of a psychotic Ron Carter? These questions can only be posed but not answered on Contrabass. However, if you ever wanted to know how many sounds an acoustic bass could possibly make, this disc will answer your query. Janek plucks, bows, bends, and warps the bass in ways that are almost pornographic. It’s almost difficult to wrap one’s head around. Then, when you realize that this is not the product of effects pedals or any overdubbing, your mind is blown. Of course, as with so many free jazz projects, Contrabass is completely an intellectual journey — for melody or any notions of a song are not really entertained on this disc. It leaves you a spectator to Janek’s mastery over his instrument as opposed to a participant in the beauty of his music. So, if you’re a fan of the spectacle, this is definitely a disc for you. If you’re looking for something to hum to, well, look into some Ray Brown.

Solponticello Records: http://www.solponticello.com • Klaus Janek: http://www.klaus-janek.de

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