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LBC Lounge

Tribute To Sublime (Vitamin). Review by Vanessa Bormann.

LBC Lounge

Tribute To Sublime


It’s Sublime if they had traded their beer and weed for a martini with a fresh olive. Serious hits like “What I Got,” “Date Rape,” “Santeria,” “Saw Red,” and “40 Oz to Freedom” chilled out and lounged up. A novelty item for Sublime fans and an interesting piece for fans of lounge music, LBC Lounge bridges gaps that before its completion, weren’t even evident. It’s a good mix of pure lounge (“Under My Voodoo” and “What I Got”), funk (“Ebin”), swing (“Date Rape”) and old school jazz coolness (“Saw Red” and “All You Need”). The only downside to the whole disc is that there are very few vocals, and that makes it harder to be believable Sublime work, because their lyrics are so powerful. LBC Lounge is a smart purchase if you’re an avid fan, but as far as it being a good representation of Sublime, the lack of vocals makes the album a lot less than it should be.

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