Marilyn Scott

Marilyn Scott

Walking With Strangers

Prana Entertainment

We have a Marilyn for every occasion. Of course there’s the tragic sexpot Marilyn (Monroe, as if that needs to be explained), the “push-the-envelope” Marilyn (Manson, also sort of self-explanatory), and now, jazz Marilyn (Scott). Even though she looks a little like a young Martha Stewart, she sings like a weathered, loving jazz temptress. If the likes of Natalie Cole and her predecessors spin in your stereo on a regular basis, then Marilyn Scott will harmonize her way into your heart and open CD tray. It’s fireside, romantic dinner music. You dance to this stuff at a 40+ club and it’s as classy and as tender as anything else you could find in its genre. “I Always Think of You” is the longest and the sweetest song on the album, but don’t skip past “Loving You” and “Who’s Looking For Me?”

Marilyn Scott:

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