Mayor McCA

Mayor McCA

Me Is He

Sonic Unyon

Precious little is known about this former native of Hamilton, Ontario. CA Smith has obviously departed his home town and now lives in a place that I imagine is a lot like a discarded Sid and Marty Krofft treatment. This place is ruled with a twisted fist by MayorMcCA, the transcendent incarnation of a young boy with a four-track and a bedroom all to himself. The Mayor conjures up some pretty catchy tunes, in a variety of styles. “That’s A Wrap” is a spot-on Ween track, with bouncy riffing and a distressed demon voice hollering the hip-hop chorus. “The McCAmpaign Song,” which won the Mayor the Donut Rock City election, is a head-nodding sunny number that could have been copped from The Monkees — if The Monkees had the guts for a kazoo solo. The two-song saga of “I’m Getting Fat” and “I’m Getting Skinny” is proposes the “five too many hot dogs, fifteen too many beers” miracle diet while churning out some raucous rocking. Of course, sometimes the Mayor is sad like “I Don’t Know Why” and “The Girl I Do Not Knew” and “Sitting On a Hill.” But overall, McCAland is a joyous place, even if its population is limited one. Get you passport, acquire a visa, and tour the place.

Sonic Unyon:

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