Destination Unknown


Like the inevitable arrival of another teen movie, comes yet another teen pop-punk album. Mest’s sophomore effort, Destination Unknown, is a mild imitation of albums put forth by bands like NOFX and MXPX (all of whom have four-letter names that make no sense to the non-hardcore punk rocker). Mest, however, have a very kooky and bright style that manages to hook you to their catchy and melodic songs on Destination Unknown.

These Midwest punkers create a warm Southern California soundtrack of new school punk rock for the kids to go out and cause pop-angst anarchy to. Lowrider cars, crude tattoos, blue hair, and multiple chain wallets dangling from a star-studded belt can be felt on Destination Unknown as well as they would be seen. Also, disgustingly evident on this album is the constant whining about some chick that the vocalist is obviously obsessed with — hey man, stalking is a crime. This young lady, or “chick,” if you will (I want to sound cool), must be really hot, it seems like a lot of punk bands like to sing about her.

So, getting away from that hot chick, this album has some awesome songs! Track two, “Yesterday” has a killer vocal hook laid over some great melodic guitar riffs. And then there’s the radio hit, “Cadillac,” which is perfect to cruise to or get laid to in your Cadillac. Admittedly, some of those songs about that hot chick on this album are pretty cool, too. Track twelve, “Drawing Board” is about her, and it’s damn catchy, definitely a nice track to keep your attention toward the end of the album.

Destination Unknown is rather trendy and somewhat repetitive, but then again, so is porn, and that still manages to find its way into your DVD player everyday!

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