Poor Rich Ones

Poor Rich Ones

Joe Manyard’s Favourites

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OK, so apparently Poor Rich Ones met this old Indian named Joe Maynard during one of their tours of the States. This guy is a psychic of sorts, so the band gave him all their albums and EPs and all, and asked him to pick his favorites — and collected here are the ones he ended up with. 13 tracks — two of them previously unreleased — bringing together Poor Rich Ones past and present, and oh, what a ride it has been!

Imagine if Radiohead had done an album to pass the time between The Bends and OK Computer, and at least you’ll have an idea of what they sound like — although that’s not taking into account that they do have a sound of their own. New song “Old Age and Failure” is brilliant, and all the obvious faves are there as well: “Strong,” “Happy Happy Happy,” “Drown,” “Fear Of Losing,” and on and on. It is glorious pop and huge arrangements, it is hushed silence and massive noise. William still sings like a desperate choirboy, and the guitars propels ever forward, building and breaking, gliding and shaking. If you are familiar with the songs, they’ll make you smile and cry all over again. If you don’t, this one is for you.

Poor Rich Ones: http://www.poorrichones.com

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