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Man, talk about a band that simply cannot be killed. The year 2001 was an amazing year for The Misfits. They began it not being in existence, then wait, bassist Jerry Only and guitarist Doyle are now The Misfits, touring, even with a troupe of drummers and an occasional guest singer. Around now it’s Jerry Only, Black Flag’s/Redd Kross’ Dez Cadena, Marky Ramone, Robo (who’s played in every punk band, no?) and maybe more who’re “officially” The Misfits. In 2001, I count three Misfits records being released or re-released, whichever way you slice it. It’d be real crass to mention the re-release, so let’s just say, it’s an oldie but goodie. The next is that brilliant Goblins parody Missing Fits, and now this.

“This” being a full album of out takes, Web-only tracks, demos, a video, and some pretty decent, educational liner notes. Hey, when it’s a Misfits album, everything counts…

The video for the song “Scream” is worth full price of the CD. It was directed by the one and only George Romero, and features the band feasting on an ill-fated emergency room staff, real zombie-like. Doyle makes a particularly chilling zombie, and well, he could be the next Rondo Hatton.

The album seeks to document the years when The Misfits, sans Glen Danzig, took the name they fought for in court and ran with it, releasing two full length albums of new songs (some of them excellent, like “Blacklight” and “Descending Angel” – the latter not being on this collection, sorry), became professional wrestling sidekicks, became cartoon characters, action figures, became household words, systematically dismantled the band several times, cornered the market on rumor mills, and through it all, kept a fan base rivaling that aging Spanish opera star, whatshisname.

The album seriously is worth picking up just for the video, but the tracks, despite their less-than-final pressing quality, are worth having nevertheless. What caught me by surprise is that they sound a lot like Iron Maiden, especially on the full-length version of “Dr. Phibes Rises Again.”

You also get the previously Web-only (or fiend-only) tracks “I Wanna Be a New York Ranger” and their cover of “The Monster Mash.”

The Misfits:

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