Ahh, a new metal anthem: “Napalm in the Morning.” Can it be that Sodom is making a bold attempt to reclaim the world of speed metal (OK, let’s just say “metal”) with an amazing album of uncountable detestation and violence? I think so. Anyone who makes “napalm in the morning” an effective metal chorus deserves some kind of medal. Other great songs, in the same vein – hey the album is named after the most excellent machine gun – “I Am the War,” “Minejumper,” “Lead Injection,” Cannon Fodder,” “Among The Weirdcong” – yow! And finally, the most appropriate “Surfin’ Bird.” In my opinion, Frances Ford Coppola should’ve had Sodom score the rerelease of Apocalypse Now, as that’s surely what this album centers about! Death From Above, no-prisoners! Metal! Wait, it turns out this album was inspired by a trip to Indochina and it’s a protest album! Oh, well, it still thrashes like all get-out.

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