Tall Paul

Tall Paul

Mixed Live


At the URB Magazine rated “Club of the Year,” Giant (in LA), Tall Paul made Mixed Live. Tall Paul started DJing at 16, and being the son of a UK club owner, it’s not huge surprise. He now has his own recording company and a radio show as well as a new single, “Precious Heart” (which is on Mixed Live). Tall Paul is a talented house DJ — Moonshine wouldn’t carry him if he wasn’t — but being part of their Mixed Live series seems to add an extra spice to the tracks. It’s the screams of the crowd, the noise that’s barely audible but tell tale of the club atmosphere. Who wants a stuffy studio recording when you can get the passion of Mixed Live. Insert this CD and anywhere you go it’s an instant club.

Moonshine Music: http://www.moonshine.com

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