The Politics of Disappearance

The Politics of Disappearance

Various Artists

Radio Khartoum

Sometimes good things seem too short. Other times, they’re brief but complete. The latter is the case in this six-track collection of gentle continental pop from Radio Khartoum. Not quite acoustic, never afraid to toss in a string arrangement, and featuring a paucity of percussion, the tracks on here have a lilting musical quality that recalls the more esoteric melodicism of Serge Gainsbourg or The High Llamas. Not that they sound like the French master or the banjo-toting popsters, but that it’s easy to imagine these acts as a central touchpoint for everyone involved here. It’s less than twenty minutes long, but not a single note is out of place; an amazing accomplishment, especially considering that this is not the product of a single band, but of multiple artists (The Pierres,Cavil,Dakota Suite,Julien Ribot,Christine, and Spring).

Radio Khartoum:

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