The Queers

The Queers

Live in West Hollywood


Fitting that this should be put out on Hopeless Records. Somebody needs to put Joe King out of his misery. Or to be more accurate, put him out of the misery of all the unfortunates who might have to listen to this crap. The Queers was named to piss off all the jocks who’d want to beat up the band based solely on the name, but with songs like “I Want Cunt,” King and company have become the joke they set out to make in the first place.

This completes the downward spiral begun on the utterly worthless “Beyond the Valley of the Assfuckers,” made all the more palatable by King’s inability to complete a six-word sentence without two of the words being “fuck” or some variant thereof. Even though this contains The Queers’ classic “Kicked Out of the Webloes,” and covers of The Ramones (of course, they pick “Kill That Girl,” ooh, I’m so shocked) and Mr. T Experience (“I Will Be With You,” probably the best cut on the album), among others, it’s not enough to make it worth your time. Or anyone else’s.

Hopeless Records:

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