Voodoo Roux

Voodoo Roux

Various Artists


For years now, Waveform has been making a name for itself with its dark, electronic sounds. With the A.D. and Frosty compilations and artists like Loop Guru, Kozo, and Open Canvas, the label follows each quality release with another quality release whether it be ambient, dub, or downtempo. There would be no reason why Voodoo Roux would be any different. And it’s not. Waveform has another hit on its hands with this compilation.

Richard Dorfmeister’s Tosca sets it off with the deep, dark textures of “Annanas.g-corporation.dub.” On Omnimotion’s “Underdub,” we receive a throbbing, blunted beat with Linda Martio evoking an ethereal desperation to her vocals. And, X.I.S.’s “Sun Walker” is a clash of hard-driving drums, contrasting synth effects, and a spaghetti-western guitar that truly delivers the goods. MK-Ultra delivers a bit of a dud, but Journeyman finishes strong with an interstellar dub opus, “3001 (matrix II),” that would make Sun Ra proud.

Waveform Records: http://www.waveformhq.com

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