Will Haven

Will Haven

Carpe Diem


Man!!! I don’t think Revelation can put out a bad record. Will Haven’s Carpe Diem is a 100% buttock kicker from start from to finish!

It’s quite hard to find anything wrong with this record… As I write this review, I’m listening to it for the fifth or sixth time; I’m trying hard to find something wrong with it… but I can’t! The guitars are brutal, driving, thick, and crunchy, just like they should be! They sound like they’ve been layered over about a hundred billion times, creating an evil wall of destruction (key spooky, sadistic laugh).

The drums are propulsive as all get out! You’ll be hard pressed to find any ride cymbal action here! The drums on the arty stuff (see “BATS”) are even rockin’!

The vocalist from Will Haven sounds like a cross between the singer of Grade and Zack de la Rocha… really. He sounds very sincere, which is a hard thing to do when you scream throughout the entire record.

The cover of Carpe Diem features some film of a sexy indie rock girl; her relevance, as I’m told by Ink 19 writer Nathan T. Birk, has to do with the stalking/ voyeurism theme of the album. What else could you want from a record? Guys rockin’ out, pretty girls, stalking…

Revelation Records: http://www.revelationrecords.com

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