Land Before Bomb

Land Before Bomb

The People Bomb Forgot

It is now certain, with unprecedented precision, that we can bomb people back to the Stone Age. Since World War II, we can send entire communities, even nations, to the brink of a Paleolithic era predating architecture itself, proving, once and for all, time travel can exist.

However, this also proves our lack of control over this incredible
technological breakthrough. For example, if we can bomb people back to the Stone Age, why not back to the Iron Age? Or the Bronze Age? Or maybe even back to the Renaissance or Medieval Eras?

And what happens if we bomb people already existing in the Stone Age even further back in time? If we’re not careful we run the risk of sending ground troops into a land occupied by saber-toothed tigers or even dinosaurs.

And what if those we bomb back to the past do things which alter the space-time continuum, thus possibly altering or even negating the space-time tangent upon which we exist?

And what happens if we, by mere chance, bomb ourselves back in time? What would it take to bomb ourselves ‘Back to the Future’?

Iceberg Out

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