Minds Are Terrible Wastes To Things

Minds Are Terrible Wastes To Things

If ignorance is bliss, then what’s to say of the opposite?

The human brain weighs between 1300 to 1400 grams, and, for many, that’s about three pounds of fat they could stand to lose.

Ask grifters who makes the best mark, and the general consensus is the college-educated- those who’ve been trained to consider and reconsider options and possibilities. They’re easy to ensnare into a labyrinth of suggestion, while tunnel-visioned simpletons hesitate to part with their times of day.

Biblically speaking, humans were removed from paradise, by partaking from the Tree of Life, giving them an unnatural sense of mortality. Perhaps Paradise could be described as not having knowledge of a certain and inevitable demise as well as whole other shitloads of useless data such as sports trivia, household tips, politics, and what’s on the goddamn television tonight. If you really wanna know why your housecat acts so superior, it’s probably because it isn’t perplexed and preoccupied with what outfit it’s gonna wear when it goes to see a movie this weekend.

The question is: Are our minds the keels that pierce the dark waters of our existence, or are they albatrosses slowly and steadily orbiting our necks and removing ourselves from the capacity to distinguish and act
instinctively and causing us to hesitate at the Moment of Truth.

Iceberg Out.

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