Life Rocks When You Have New Socks!

Life Rocks When You Have New Socks!

When your socks are falling apart or have a few holes in them, go out and get some new ones. I just got new socks after wearing out my previous purchases of a year ago. I slapped on the new cotton beauties and it was like I was just given some candy. I became so happy that I couldn’t stop jumping around. Walking around was more fun and it looked as if I was a meandering clod who didn’t know what was going on. New socks rock!

Every day, I wake up and there is another number added to the days we count until that particular month is over. Sometimes we count up to twenty-eight and sometimes we get as far as thirty-one. Life is so fun. It’s like I live in a movie. There’s a part of St. Pete that looks like Hill Valley, the infamous city of “Back to the Future.” I go to work at a coffee shop. It’s the same thing every week. Norm the mailman comes by to say hello and give us the latest New Yorker. The crazy rent-a-cop watching the parking lot next door bangs on the window for me to fetch him something. An older man named Don comes by at the same time as always to get a cup of coffee with a shot of Irish cream syrup in it.

“Socks 2”

If I play the theme from “Ghost World,” it’s like I’m thrust into that Daniel Clowes/Terry Zwigoff film. It’s a very interesting song to carry out daily activities to. I go home and the cat welcomes me and then tries to run away. The computer invades my life as I see which of my buddies are on that I even want to talk to. I want to get some fun e-mail but it’s just a bunch of junk. December and 85 degrees out during many of the days this month, the weather compels me. I miss chucking snowballs at cars. I want to wear snow pants and make weird, squishy noises with them. Florida is great as long as an alligator doesn’t chomp off your face, though.

Christmas is gone and life is much better. I slept and woke up to paint. I made some real food to eat. I didn’t just eat ice cream and cookies. I do like getting toys, though. I’m going to run away from this entry for a few minutes and be amazed at the many little trinkets I’ve come to own over the twenty short years my tiny self has been around. Garbage Pail Kids cards, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and comics adorn my apartment. Whee! I feel like Scrooge McDuck when he rolls around in all of his money.

Music is playing. I love music. I’m a big ska kid but I’m into punk, surf, swing, polka, and damn near anything. I guess everyone listens to music. I am lame for even bringing up my preferences. I’ve been listening to The Broadways, They Might Be Giants, Telegraph, The Impossibles, Sinatra, and Louis Prima. If I don’t have any music playing at night, I can’t fall asleep. I’d need a big galoot to punch my lights out if I didn’t.

I turn on the TV and Dexter’s Laboratory is on. I wish I didn’t waste so much time in front of the idiot box Filo T. Farnsworth had a hand in inventing. I’m addicted to watching cartoons and a few other programs. My favorite show is Northern Exposure. Even though I’ve seen every episode of it at least twice, I live my life around that show. I got into it when I was 13. For those of you not familiar with it, NX is about a New Yorker who is forced to become the doctor of the fictional small borough of Cicely, Alaska. The town is filled with all sorts of characters that include an ex-con DJ at the local AM radio station, a no-holds-barred female bush pilot, an ex-astronaut and a young filmmaker. There were 110 episodes of this brilliant program.

This entry has had some pretty sporadic writing on a wide variety of subjects. I hope you don’t hate me. I can be a pretty annoying jerk sometimes. I love you. Happy New Year! Here comes 2002! Good-bye.


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