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Chris Brann went from tinkering with sound observations to being (with some help, of course, from VIPs such as Lancelo, Bryan of King Street, and Gaelle Adission) The Ananda Project. After hitting major club status and having his songs become favorites of DJs like John Digweed, Deep Dish, and Pete Tong, Brann wanted his brainchild, Ananda Project, to give the devoted another taste of his 2000 album, Release. In the wake of its birth, the album saturated playlists and various songs were featured on the MTV show Undressed, HBO’s Sex in the City, and Showtime’s Queer As Folk. Now, Re-Release is hitting the clubs and the charts with major remixes and two previously unreleased songs (“Touch” and “Horizons”). The first single from Release, “Cascades Of Colour,” is now remixed on Re-Release by Kuni (Sugar Love Mix) and provides as much, if not considerably more of an impact as the first time around. Brann wanted to make sure that this remix collection kept the same mood as the original and that only the styles were changed according to the working artists. Success in that department is definite, and tracks such as “Falling For You” (Blaze’s Shelter Falling Vocal Mix and G-Pal’s Child of the Sun Mix), “Breaking Down” (BLU MAR TEN’s Back To Mine Mix and Louie’s Revival Mix), and “Glory Glory” (Timewriter’s Deep and Reprised Excursion Mix) prove every aspect of that hope. This is a great, amazing album to begin with, and then for it to be remixed by some truly talented individuals (King Britt and Kyoto Jazz Massive, to name a few) is pure bliss. This is a chill out, rollercoaster of a CD. You’re dancing, mellowing out and watching the sun set, then you’re dancing again until you mellow out and watch the sun rise. It’s organic, slow enough to really be moving, and as perfect as a remix album could hope to be.

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