Breathe In

Breathe In

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Bridge 9

Hardcore to the nth degree, this four piece from Berkeley, California (by way of Hawaii), comes racing out of the gate from the start of this disc and doesn’t let up until the conclusion. With vocals half sung and half screamed (and is there any other style on a hardcore album?), the tracks on this disc fairly well bristle with electricity. The interplay of duel guitarists and a crisp rhythm section keeps things going, but what separates this disc from the vast majority of same-sounding hardcore bands is their ability to back off on the throttle throughout this disc. With an ear for melody which many bands lack, Breathe In are capable of allowing some space to appear between their rapid fire attack. This lull, akin to a prizefighter’s pause before that last crucial right hook, only serves to underscore the drama and pointed commentary underneath the songs.

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