Bringing It Home

Bringing It Home

Volume 1

B.U.K.A. Entertainment

OK, being a Pittsburgh native, it’s good to finally see some brothers putting it down on wax from the hometahn — because Tuffy Tuff and Snap just weren’t cutting it. So, maybe all the artists on this disc actually aren’t from the ‘Burgh — and from the tri-state area — but I’ll take what I can get. And, this disc is good enough for me to want to claim it (unlike Tuffy Tuff’s abysmal “B-Boy Tuff, B-Boy Hard”).

Bringing It Home is a really good underground rap compilation. If this represents the future of this emerging B.U.K.A. (Brothers United Keeping it Afficial) label, then they may very well have a bright future. The 3rd opens the compilation with a nice jam, “Super Soul.” Lone Catalysts and Ze Man also show some impressive skills. Jennifer Johns’ “Spanish Interlude” displays a very talented voice with the Espa=D2ol gibberish set to “The Girl From Ipanema.” The one that everyone should really look out for, though, is Afaliah Afelyone. Her “In/Exhale” is the gem on this CD, with its jazzy beat and positive sister message. Look out for that name. One day, everybody should be able to pronounce it.

While I don’t know if Bringing It Home will have the hip-hop cartographers putting Pittsburgh on the map, it should definitely get their pens out on the ready. This is an impressive debut for a label I’ll definitely be rooting for in the future.

Lone Catalysts:

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