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Lucky me, I got to catch the band back last spring when they were making some sort of comeback in support of this greatest hits album. I’ll be completely honest, here: when I was doing metal radio, I took one look at a Britny Fox album and simply set it aside. The styled hair, the tailored suits fresh out of the “funny” section of an International Male catalog, and the name (there’s a porn star out there named Britny Fox) were too much. I mean, come on…

Now, I’ll be honest again, several years later, while I’m thirsting for great guitars and rocking metal, I gave Britny Fox a chance and played their album. I’m glad I did, because they’re a great band. No, they’d have been a joke on Brainhammer! But in my old age, I’ve grown fond of rocking metal guitars (the songs are about women and stuff like that), and Britny Fox has ’em. So I waited like ten years, big deal. It’s something that can be played loud and enjoyed because there’s lots of melody and well-executed guitar solos. According to the liner notes, the band credits Aerosmith, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Kiss, and Led Zeppelin as their influences. Ouch! That had to be checked out! Thusly, “Girlschool” sounds like a Kiss song played by Aerosmith covering Led Zeppelin. “Long Way to Love” sounds like Black Sabbath (more Dio-esqe) covering Aerosmith playing AC/DC. “Gudbye ‘T Jane” (a Slade cover) rocks like a Rolling Stones cover band with seriously pop metal guitars. It’s not a surprise that those two songs are included on the “enhanced” CD’s video track. The “ballad” “Save The Weak,” well, I skipped ’em. Most of the album really rocks, especially their cover of Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog.” I gotta say this, too: assuming the chicks in the video for “Girlschool” were an example of what showed up at their gigs, ahhh, rats.

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