Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters

Come On Down

Strictly Rhythm

Rewind. 1991. A recession in full swing. President Bush is conducting a war in the Middle East. The American public is terrified of either losing their jobs or their lives to a chemical/biological weapons attack.


La Da Di, La Di Da.” That’s right. Despite all the worries facing our country at the time, that cheerful refrain was what was haunting our thoughts. Crystal Waters had smashed onto the scene with her dance theme about a down-and-out woman, “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless).” 1991 was not the Year of Bush, Hussein, Powell, SCUDs, or Schwartzkopf; it was the Year of Crystal Waters.

Well, history does seem to have an uncanny way of repeating itself. Could the dance diva topple Bush, bin Laden, anthrax, and the burka? Doubt it. But “Come On Down” sure is a catchy tune. Sampling the theme from The Price is Right, the damned thing sure does latch on to your cranium. Will you “La Da Di, La Di Da” all the way to Crystal Waters’ bank account? I’m not sure, but you certainly will dance.

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