Dark Funeral

Dark Funeral

Diabolis Interium

No Fashion

This is very black metal from Europe, chock full of “corpse paint” (thanks Nathan T. Birk for the vocab term), leather outfits, angry scowls, and Satanic lyrics. The funniest thing about this record’s cover art has to be the coffin with brass devil stars built onto it! There are also some skulls resting on top of the coffin for an extra bit of pizzazz.

This record is pretty much what you would expect from Dark Funeral: fast tempos, complex song structures, buzzsaw guitars, and vocals that would make King Diamond giggle with glee! The sounds are explosive, engergetic, and powerful in presentation. Back from their last EP is the cult classic “Apprentice Of Satan,” which sounds a bit different, making me think they redid it (sounds better here). “Goddess Of Sodomy,” while clever in title, is actually a rather good, slow stomper that will have fists pumping in triumph at your next friendly get together.

Being a fan of thrash metal, grind, and heavier chugga chugga variations, I’ve never really been able to get into black metal and its apparent lack of bass guitars. Same goes for Diabolis Interium; where’s the low end? I think Mercyful Fate set the stage for the lack of bass guitars in this genre of metal; sure, maybe they weren’t black metal, but you get the point. If you’re into black metal, my deepest sympathies, but you’ll probably enjoy this one to death.

Dark Funeral: http://www.dark-funeral.net

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