Daycare Swindlers

Daycare Swindlers

In Loving Memory


This is a very, very good album of punk music. Abandoning the choices that nearly every other band has used since the early nineties, these guys DON’T sing about girls and they DON’T rely on tired, South California, clich=C8 harmonies. Instead, these guys rock out in the fine tradition of The Stooges, Minor Threat, and even The Circle Jerks.

The lead singer, Noah can belt out lyrics in the appropriate hardcore style when it’s appropriate, but, even more importantly this guy can sing. At times, he can deliver the appropriate barbed commentary in a voice that is equal parts measured restraint and indignation. And, on the second track, “Last Laugh,” he even sounds like a younger Greg Dulli (from The Afghan Whigs) circa “Up In It.”

Judging from the lyrics of the track “Son Of Egg,” these guys probably don’t want to be considered as approaching mid-tempo. Yet, the fact remains, these guys can approach many different styles and perform them all with a considerable amount of style. They don’t rely on being a one-trick pony playing the same sounding hardcore. The album’s style changes from one song to the next, and nearly all of the tracks are excellent. If you’re tired of the formulaic punk rock coming out, track this disc down. Political, sincere, and fun as hell, this is a very good release.

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