The Big Nothing


The Atlanta-spawned Dropsonic note their influences as varying artists such as The Who, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Radiohead. Their music makes this evident, and with an odd mix of rock n’ roll, country, folk and new wave, they are fueled. A few of the shining stars on their second full length album (the first was 1999’s Sleep With the Fishes) are the title track, which is as depressing as “losing the one you love” songs come (very Radiohead), the biker bar-friendly “Inside Out,” “Got Me Down,” and perhaps the saddest song even written, “Sleepwalking.” It seems as if with The Big Nothing, you’re really getting two CDs split right down the center. One half is this dreary, deeply written melodic pulp and the other is rowdy, folk rock with guitars that just won’t quit and lyrics about easy girls and tough guys. It’s a fully decent album, and if you enjoy either or even more strange, both of those types of music, it’ll be love at first track.

Moodswing Records: http://www.moodswingrecords.com

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