Eastern Dub Tactik

Eastern Dub Tactik

Blood Is Shining


Dedicated to everyone from MLK and JFK to Ho Chi Minh and Yitzhak Rabin, Eastern Dub Tactik’s Blood Is Shining offers up a liberal smorgasbord of aural flavors. Somewhere across 125th St. and Madras, this CD feels like a hybrid between Bill Laswell and Fatboy Slim. Almost Big Beatish in its driving drums, Blood is an optimistic dance party that melds dub and hip-hop flavors with Middle Eastern and Indian vocals (with what sounds like a rap on “Five N Dub”). “Day Of Despair” gives us an odd Indian R&B/hip-hop soul that even the cross-cultural bandit, Apache Indian, would be proud of. Though not quite up to the same caliber as Apache or Talvin Singh, this is definitely an enjoyable East-Meets-West electronic extravaganza.

Waveform Records: http://www.waveformhq.com

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