From the land of pop groups and Mickey ears emerges the most neighborhood bar sounding band to surface in a while. funkUs (which not so coincidentally sounds like “fungus” when spoken quickly) prefers to be called “flavor rock,” and even though it’s self-titling, it fits them. The group — Ron Betts (vocals/guitar), Dave “The Cat” Mann (vocals/guitar), John “Mojo” Jones (vocals/bass) and Adam FreeMan (drums) — all look like guys you’d find yourself in a line at a grocery store with, and while their name suggests that they have a funk sound, they deny. In reality, they can best be described as funk rock, more colorful than Barenaked Ladies, but traveling the same basic lyrical road. A jam band style group that has been delighting audiences at Kitty O’Shea’s every Friday for the past two years with songs such as “Whatever,” the totally vocally pleasing “Cold Wind Blows,” retro beach sounding “Darlin’, Darlin’, Darlin'” and “Warm.” Even though they are just releasing their first full-length record, they are in the process of infiltrating radio station and have a self-funded tour on the horizon, the music quality is more than you’d expect from a small band in a big city. Join the “Funk” (what the members and fans are referred to as) and stop by O’Shea’s or pick up their first and certainly not last CD, Flavour.


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