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Falling Into Place


There is nothing more frustrating than a band that tries to be something they are not. In the case of Finch and their debut EP, Falling Into Place, however, the band gets away with it beautifully. Finch sounds like a pop-punk outfit attempting to play hardcore music. With intermittent screaming over catchy riffs, Finch mixes two musical genres into one, producing an album that simultaneously sounds like nothing and everything you have heard before. With only four songs, the EP is short and sweet, to say the least. Each song has a driving rhythm and catchy lyrics. In fact, the lyrics are so catchy, you can expect them to remain in your head long after the EP has stopped spinning. You’ll soon find yourself craving another listen and, before too long, odds are you’ll feel compelled to sing along. If that’s the kind of album you like, then go buy Falling Into Place. Otherwise, I suggest you save your money.

Emotion is hardly in short supply on this EP. As much as Finch may strive to sound like angry and frustrated youths, they come across more as scorned lovers. A prime culprit is Nate Barcalow and his screaming in “Letters To You”: “Can’t you see that I want to be there with open arms/It’s empty tonight and I’m all alone/I want you to know that I miss you.”

It seems as though Finch tried to make an album that was dark and brooding, but the result is something else: an album that is actually fun to listen to, despite its excess of not-quite-so heart-wrenching emotion.

Finch began their musical career as a Deftones ripoff band. Instead of breaking away and developing their own style, they have continued to follow in The Deftones’ footsteps. “New Kid,” the closing track, is a direct ripoff of The Deftones’ “Teenager” from White Pony. What’s more, Finch thanks New York hardcore outfit Glassjaw for their inspiration. In actuality, they should have thanked Glassjaw for not suing them for ripping off half their melodies.

Finch’s music is nothing I haven’t heard before. The songs break no new ground. The odd thing is, despite these criticisms, I still found myself enjoying it. The fact is, for what it is or what it’s trying to be, Falling Into Place is a pretty good first effort. Finch’s debut full-length album, What it is to Burn, is due in stores by March 2002, and hopefully, this time the boys will have a style of their own.


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