Her Flyaway Manner

Her Flyaway Manner

A Rotation of Thoughts and Themes


Her Flyaway Manner is a strange mix of Hot Snakes-esque guitars, Unwound style vocals and rhythmic patterns, Fugazi song structures, and the math tendencies of Shellac.

A Rotation… is a quick five-song EP that pounds away furiously and finishes in just 17 minutes. The highlight here has to be the colossal title track, which shows Her Flyaway Manner at their very best.

I’ll be quite honest in saying that though that this CD rocks 100% all the way through, and I thank the band for not sticking in some worthless filler to make it more than an EP. Everything here is excellently done math/emo stuff, nothing poppy about it at all. In an age when most emo bands have forgotten how to rock, Her Flyaway Manner still pump out strong tunes and pay homage to emo greats Hoover on their track “A Description,” which sounds like a lost Hoover B-side.

I await their full length with eager anticipation and expectance for something which should really put them on the map. These guys deserve more recognition. New to them? Give this a try… you won’t regret it.

Caulfield Records: http://www.caulfieldrecords.com

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