It’s not a coincidence that their sound is reminiscent of harder Incubus songs and that Doug Robb sounds very much like Brandon Boyd of Incubus — with both hailing from Agoura, CA, it’s proof that it must be in the water. If you enjoy Incubus, Vertical Horizon, or even Eve 6, you’ll be able to feel the depth of Hoobastank. After working for six years, the band is finally releasing their self-titled debut with much anticipation and confidence. The first single, “Drawing in the Dark,” has a rough edge, exploding the otherwise fairly mellow disc with major guitar work and a song about making decisions that aren’t easy. The group has faced many of those over the years, but the light has been turned on for Hoobastank, and if you were lucky, you caught them on tour in November with Lost Prophets, Handsome Devil, and Live. If nothing else, it’s a great disc to tide you over between Incubus releases.

Island Def Jam: http://www.island.com

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