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Either you’re gangsta or you’re underground. Though both misnomers, that’s the option in hip-hop these days. So, choose sides. Dré or Mos Def. Bad Boy or The Roots. And, only OutKast can straddle the fence. Well, Columbus, Ohio’s Illogic has made his choice. And, thank God, he’s the latest talented mole in the underground scene. “My tongue will be the device on which my carcass is hung.” Yeah, if you’re looking for hos, guns, and death, skip onto the next disc. Going back to when battling meant clever rhymes, Illogic sides with De La Soul, Common, etc. While he’s not exactly of their caliber, he could definitely sit at the table. Blueprint (of Greenhouse Effect) produces with imagination. Whether sampling bagpipes (“Pure Form”) or giving us that funk-rock groove (“Too Many Times”), Blueprint compliments Illogic’s burgeoning talents to a T. If wordplay were as important as calcium, then we’d have to make this sophomore effort part of your daily recommended allowance for hardcore rhymes.

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